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Ecole De Techniciens Superieurs Du Benin (ECO.TE.S BENIN) is a private higher learning institution established in Benin Republic in the year 2003 by Mr. Dansou Felix DOSSA. ECO.TE.S BENIN was among the first private universities of Benin. As it approaches 20 years, ECOTES BENIN University is going boldly forward with an unwavering commitment to a higher purpose, a greater good.

We focus on helping our students realize their real potentials, find their opportunities for growth, and give support for achieving their potentials, objectives and a true sense of belonging.


Why We Stand Out!

ECO.TE.S Benin University values academic excellence, life-changing research, compassionate health care and a strong commitment to faith and service. For nearly 15 year, the university has gone beyond teaching facts and figures, encouraging students to form ideas and identities. Today, ECO.TE.S Benin University students are increasing and seeking to mold their lives into something stronger, due to the seriousness and the quality of final products we release into the job market.



The university has invested vast resources to advance academic programs and enhance the student experience. ECO.TE.S has also built a good and strong relationship with the ministry of education in Nigeria and well known worldwide. The university's commitment to community service has earned it national acclaim and bolstered its status as among the best universities in Benin republic.

In ECO.TE.S Benin's Classrooms, ethics, spirituality and compassion are fundamental, no matter what the subject. Most of ECO.TE.S BENIN's courses integrate service into academics and this spirit pervades campus; ECO.TE.S BENIN's students, faculty and staff provide more service hours each year.


Welcome to the school of Post-graduate studies of Ecole de Techniciens Superieurs du Benin, Ecotes Benin University (Universite de la Grace). The school is geared to demonstrate excellence in its activities and we are irrevocably committed to sustaining the culture and indeed transmitting from excellence to distinction. Our goal is to provide robust and innovative programs and focus on producing high level manpower that possesses intensive quality training and are globally competitive.

Authorities of Ecole de Technciens Superieurs du Benin, Ecotes Benin University (Universite de la Grace), school of Post-graduate studies invites applications from suitable qualified candidates from recognized institutions for admission into the various Post-graduate programs offered by the institution on full time basis.


Our Under-Graduate school is a 4 years Bachelor degree program in 3 years duration. We have a range of under-graduate programs to choose from. All our courses are accredited and approved by the Ministry of Scientific Research, Cotonou, Benin Republic and the Federal Ministry of Education, Abuja, Nigeria which qualifies our Bachelor graduate to under-go the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Nigeria.

See our Bachelor degree programs:
Bachelor of Science (Bsc.) is a degree awarded in ECOTES BENIN UNIVERSITY for completion of an undergraduate-level study in a science or technology related field. By enrolling in our Bsc degree program, you have the ability to develop a professional skills, and a valuable personal skills.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a degree program offers in the humanities, social sciences or liberal arts. Bachelor of Art is known to be the first academic degree that is achieved at a university or other higher education institutions. Ecotes Benin University offers numerous Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree programs you can choose from.